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This year Nizhni Tagil will show off with T-95
27.02.2008 12:24

According to the information leaked into the Russian media it is the last and the only version of the principally new tank, the project of which started nearly 25 years ago under a soviet program "Molot" (hammer). The first design offered by the Leningrad based designers was called 477, but never came to life. Notorious Omsk made Black Eagle is another option of the same idea, however, it is highly likely that "Cherny Orel" will be ever commissioned too. Independent experts point out several outstanding technologies introduced on the Black Eagle: its shots are fixed to the gun like the cartridges of the machine gun, having used it the tank just "drops" it; its turret can carry a gun of any caliber, the shell are separated from the staff's compartment etc. However, because of the fate of Omsktransmash this project has too little chances. The only more or less viable project which can be regarded as a derivate of the product 477 is "product 195" of designed by Nizhny Tagil KBTM.

The tank has a new multi layer armor, classical powder gun, active system of protection "Arena" in addition to the already obligatory passive dynamic protection. Crew - 3 persons: the commander, aimer and driver. It will be placed in the forward part of the hull. Engine and transmission is behind. The gun is put outside, on the top part of the hull and can be of any caliber (basic version not less than 130 mm). Location of the shells will be, most likely, classical, like in -72 and -90. However, the crew will be separated from them with a reinforced armor. The tanks weight, most likely, will exceed 50 tons. Years ago the design of T-95 started under the same technical tasks as BTR-90, so most likely the dimensions / weight will be sacrificed to unification. However, T-95 will suit for placing practically kind of arms, guns or missiles.

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