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Russian MoT started designed new nuclear ice breaker powered 60 MWt
28.04.2008 16:18

The technical project will be ready in 2009, the vessel is to be built by 2015. Before 2020 the Ministry plans building two more universal nuclear ice breakers and one ice breaker-leader with the power of 110 MWT. They are to replace the soviet made vessels which run out of the life time in seven years. All program of building icebreaking fleet is estimated at 97 billion RUB. Experts believe that the construction of the atomic-powered vessels will take place in Severodvinsk. Sevmash will soon become part of the USC. Now the icebreaking fleet of Russia consists of 38 ships, including seven nuclear. The service life of the atomic-powered vessels expires. In particular this year ice breaker-leader "Arctic regions" will be decommissioned, by 2013 Taymyr and "Vaigach". By 2018 Russia will have just two nuclear ice breakers "Yamal" and recently constructed 50 Years of the Victory.

According to the deputy head of Rosmorrechflot Igor Rusu last year the sketch design of the new nuclear ice breaker was finished. In 2008 technical design was started. This year the designers will also finish designing diesel ice breakers with the capacity of 25 MWt. Their construction will begin next year. Totally, according to Rusu, before 2020 it is supposed to construct one 110 MWt ice breaker-leader, seven diesel-electric, four auxiliary and port ice breakers and three universal with the capacity of 60 MWt. The total cost of building this fleet is now estimated at 97 billion RUB.

First deputy general director of the Central Research Institute for Shipbuilding Technologies Valery Venkov (earlier he headed Northern shipyard) believes that implementation of the program of building the icebreaking fleet will not cause problems. In his opinion the possibilities of the Russian shipyards allow for such construction. But, he thinks, Sevmash is a more advantageous choice than Baltic Shipyard.

Sevmash is already expanding its slipway, which will allow for building wider vessels. Baltic factory which used to build nuclear ice breakers in Soviet times looks less preferably, also keeping in mind that Petersburg has restrictions on operating nuclear reactors. Deputy general director of the Central Research Institute for Maritime Fleet Sergey Bujanov believes that at the moment it is too early to speak about the potential construction site. So far there is no concrete program of capital investments in the construction of such ships, there is only a program assuming allocations for designing he said.

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